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Artist Pro on Android

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Artist on AndroidThe display is the canvas and your finger becomes a paint brush.Simply use your finger to create beautiful paintings.Use the Menu to change color or brush styles and also to print or share your artwork via Email etc.Publish your best work on our flickr group, straight from the app.Using Advanced Photo Paper has produced stunning print results, worth framing.I am totally amazed by what users have drawn with this app.
Well, check it out for yourself and take a look at
Voice RecognitionMobile applications like Artist on Android are perfectly suited to accept voice input.Instead of accessing the menu several times, to select a tool (like a pen or a brush), its style (like embossed or blurred), and its color, you now press the microphone button in the Actionbar and say “Lavender Blur Pen”.
The application's vocabulary include all menu topics like “Pen, Brush, Roll, Emboss, Blur, Blend, Alpha, Erase, Reset, Save, Print, Share Publish, Explore, and Help” and also over one hundred color names. To bring up a list of all those color names, simply say “Colors”.Speech recognition, interpretation, and processing is hard and “Artist on Android” is far from perfect. So please be gracious and generous if it not always understands. We are just getting started ..